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Process of Competition:



Preliminary Round.
Evaluation & Short listing.
B-plan Submission.
Presentation Round.


Preliminary Round (Round 1) :



Each team is required to upload the executive summary by using the link provided in the registration page, as well as provide hardcopy of the executive summary.The preliminary proposal should comprise the following:


Sample executive summary is given for your reference.


  1. Team Details: Team name, team size, name of the Institution, Year of study, and discipline of study, Mentor’s Details.
  2. Executive Summary (not more than 2 pages).
  3. Resume of team members (each resume not more than 2 pages)




A panel of experts (outside the Manipal group) comprising academia, industry, business and investment groups shortlist the teams who proceed to the Final round of the competition. If shortlisted for the finals, teams will be assigned a mentor (if required) and will have to submit a final business plan for the final round.


The evaluation/ judging criteria would consist of the Feasibility of the Business idea, Innovativeness of the product/ service, Market potential, Unique Value Proposition (UVP), Potential to improve the quality of life, as well as consider the components of Business plan like Executive Summary & Company Overview, Technical Feasibility, Competitive Advantage, Financial Feasibility, Presentation of the report, Team Structure, Social impact ………



Mentoring :



The team is free to identify the Mentor or organizers may assist in identifying mentor for a team. The mentor is responsible for the formulation of the business plan and providing real-world insights on the strengths and weaknesses of both the plan and the team developing it.


Mentors would be real-life entrepreneurs, industry and academia experts and Venture Capitalists. Mentors work jointly with teams to improve and work upon their executive summary to submit a final business plan. Mentors work with the team with open line of communication, depending on mentor’s/team’s schedule and time constraints.


A recommendation letter from the mentor supporting the team’s business plan must be addressed to MUTBI. No business plan will be accepted or evaluated without this.



B-plan Submission (Round 2) :



Short-listed teams from the preliminary round are required to submit the final round business plan documents as a soft copy by e-mail to, as well as hard copy should be sent to Provenance Secretariat.

The final business plan documents should comprise the following:

  1. Team Details: Team name, team size, name of the Institution, Year of study, and discipline of study.
  2. Recommendation letter from the mentor supporting the teams’ business plan.
  3. Business Plan (Maximum of 25 Pages): Business Plan should contain complete Information about the proposed business. (as suggested by mentors)
  4. Declaration by the team members that the proposed business plan is original and does not violate any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  5. Declaration form for IPR : Declaration form download it & attach it along with your Business plan after filling the details.

    Terms & Conditions: Click Terms & Conditions to view

    Confused about the Business Plan ? A Sample BPlan is given for your reference.



Presentation Round (Round 3) :



The shortlisted teams of Round 2 are then required to prepare a power-point presentation of 10 -15 minutes which must be presented to a jury of experts from Industry, Academia and Angel Investors/ Venture Capitalists.

A sample Presentation Template is given for your reference.


Presentation guidelines for finals:


  1. Each team will be given 15 minutes to present the plan followed by a 10-minute question and answer session.
  2. Any additional requirements must be coordinated in advance with the organizing team.
  3. Submission of presentation: Soft copy of documents must be sent (2 days before the final presentation date) by e-mail to
  4. It will be a closed door presentation, wherein only one team at a time will be allowed to present their business ideas to the panel of judges.
  5. Only students are allowed to present their Business ideas during the final presentation round.
  6. Mentors (Teaching Faternity/ Industry Professionals) are allowed to be present during the final presentation round. The mentors can only answer the questions if judges agree to it.


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