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About Provenance


Provenance Is a B-plan competition organized by MUTBI, MAHE for the students , faculty & alumni of MAHE. The main objective of this competition is to encourage and foster technological entrepreneurs by individuals/team who could be the prospective new generation entrepreneurs.

MUTBI will also assist the winning teams to promote technological enterprises by providing logistic support during their start up phase commonly known as incubation period (ranging from 18 to 36 months).

* There is no fee to enter/ participate in this competition.



The main vision behind this event is to boost entrepreneurial spirit among students, faculty and alumni of educational institutions in Karnataka.

  • To provide a platform to transform innovative idea(s) into viable business proposals in the thrust areas.
  • To promote a minimum of 3 student startups per year.
  • To support the successful teams with necessary resources to incubate the business in MUTBI.


Eligibility Criteria:


  • Students of MAHE Group Institutes.
  • Alumni of Manipal Group and Constituent Institutions



Provenance 13 was a life changing experience for us here at Moon Lake. We learnt new things, met inspiring personalities and most importantly realized one thing- No matter who you are or where you’re from; you can always make an impact. You can make a difference.

At Moon Lake, we are all geared up to be that difference. We seek to make India more self-sufficient in the cultivation & processing of pearls. In the coming years, we also aim to design and manufacture pearl Jewellery.

-Thoughts from Provenance 2013 consolation prize winners, students of School of Jewellery Management, Manipal University.



” There rarely come times in your life, that change the course of your future, that completely changes your train of thought, and in turn, effect your decisions and choices, and ultimately changes the course of your destiny, and Provenance is one such opportunity .Being a part of it has made me realize, that the power to build your future is yours alone, and that it counts to take the road less taken and discover what the world has to offer as not just an engineer, but an entrepreneur.”

Our companies products & services are:

  1. Desktop 3D Printers
  2. Rapid Prototyping Service
  3. Robotics & Bio-Potential Human Interface’s



'Provenance' proved to be a life changing experience for us. The only thing that intrigued me at that point of time was, of course, the prize money but on a serious note, I found the idea of developing something useful which can be brought into the hands of dental practitioners or students and make money out of that very fascinating. The thought of participating was alright but participating during my internship wasn’t a very tactful one, I realize now. The earlier, the better. During my internship, was the time I had the most innovative collaboration with Dr. Lokendra Gupta, my mentor.

Provenance ultimately proved to be the stepping stone of whatever little I have achieved so far. However, the confusion of having a start up, being a Dental Graduate was always there. It is difficult for a medical student with no background of Engineering and Management to run a start up. It was a big risk that I took but then Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks and discovering things on your way. It is about learning through self effort. I would conclude by saying that I owe a lot to MUTBI, Innovation Centre, and the popular business plan competition, Provenance, for giving an entirely new dimension to my perspective and my career.

Our company, Dental Innovations India, is into manufacturing of dental equipments. We have developed as well as patented the following dental equipments namely,

  • Optiqur, a Method, System and Apparatus for curing light activated resin based materials.
  • Mobile dental Unit, a Portable and cost effective dental chairs.
  • Portable device for dental therapy, to address difficulty of dentist namely Isolation, Retraction and Illumination in a cost effective manner.

In addition to the products we have also developed & copyright our product My Virtual Dentist, a smart mobile application to addresses the needs of Dentist and general public.



“Life is boring when left to destiny, Make it interesting by changing your destiny.” Yes Friends, to all of you who dream of being an entrepreneur, the good news is that PROVENANCE is back! Every year great ideas are moulded into companies and this year it might be you! Papertree was born out of this very competition and today it is growing its wings all over the country.

Papertree™ is an initiative, an effort to bring about a change in the society. While millions of trees are being cut down every year to make wooden pencils, we at Papertree are doing our bit to not only save those trees but also help in effective waste management. We are manufacturing pencils that are made out of waste paper and can be customized as per needs. Let’s join hands to make this earth a bit more clean, green and healthy.




Provenance’12 has certainly been a game changer for us at Apps2eaze. It was intense and the inputs given to us during the finals were really helpful. They have helped us refine us in product development and of-course in strategy planning for the company on a longer run.

Our company, apps2eaze Tech India Pvt Ltd, is into application development, Web designing/ re-designing and software development. Our product based vertical has 2 in-house products:

  1. Bunk Wisely : An app that helps students bunk smarter and wiser.
  2. Play With Tiles: A 3D simulation Tile software built for Windows that allows tile merchants/ builders and users to simulate and re-design their apartments/ houses with tiles according to their wish.




“As students, it takes a huge quanta of courage to start-up and even more to sustain it. But we at Gyan Lab (ADD-on-GYAN) were able to do so at a time when the whole subject of student entrepreneurship was a mere concept in Manipal – all thanks to MUTBI and Provenance. You are lucky to have this opportunity as MUTBI is back with Provenance – start-up and be the master of your own destiny.”

“Gyan Lab – A Hands-on Learning and Skill Development Pedagogy for Kids of Ages 8 – 15. Gyan Lab is currently working with over 1500 students of 15 schools in 8 cities across West and South India and is a winner of 11 awards including 2nd Place Award at Dell Education Challenge at Austin (TX, USA) and Winner of Economic Times Power of Ideas at IIM Ahmedabad winning an award of INR 2.5 Million.”


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